Friday, February 15, 2013

Gummy Bear 1st Birthday Bash

It was nearly 1 year since my lil bundle of joy had arrived and I wanted to do something special for his birthday ~ something he would like.....i thought and thought finally my baby gave me a hint...he loved gummy bear video, so i decided to do that as the birthday theme. It is so hard to find much on the theme so I have decided to blog on this to help out other moms who want to do a similar theme birthday party...hope this helps...

The party is on Feb 23rd...1 more week to go and tons to will keep u posted!

My Friend Mariela is such a sweetheart and she helped me plan this day - she was my boss ;-)). Everything you see is a joint effort by both of us...Thanks Mari....

Okay - so the party was a success...after many sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. These are some of the highlights...Please feel free to ask me for any DIY...will be more than happy to share!!


As the theme was gummy bears i tried to incorporate as much gummys as possible ;-))

I called this Gummy Balls. Aren't they pretty...all made of gummy bear candy. I made red, green, yellow and blue...;-))


Paper Fans ~ All Hand-made

I used these as the backdrop for smash cake....the pics came out pretttttyyyyy.....
Yummy Edibles
 Gummy bears on cute....~~courtesy of Mari~~

Marshmallows on wafer tix....

 Soooooo CUTE.....
Picture display
Cute !st Birthday Display
I had a candy buffet since gummy bears was a huge success with the kids and adults as well....


Treat bags

Birthday CAKE

Birthday HAT


Birthday BOY

My Gummy Bear......His First Face Painting....


  1. Hi,

    Nice decorations n nice party. if u dont mind, can u tell me where did u order the gummy bear birthday banner from ? I am planning to have the same theme for my son's bday.

  2. Thanks Vineela.

    Actually the banner is hand made using paper Fans and paper doilies. Hope that helps. ALl the best for your sons party!

  3. Hi Party planner mom ,

    Loved the pictures and decoration , planning the same for my son as well . However from where did you get those gummy bear jellies ? is it available in india ?/

    1. Hi Bindu..

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments...Do you mean the gummy bear candy Or the Jello in the cups?? The gummy bear candy you can buy online..i have no idea if they are available in India..and the jello cups were home-made..Hope this helps ;-)

  4. Hi your decorations are awesome. How do you get the bears to stick to the balls?

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